Monday, February 10, 2014

Edinburgh to take from cars and give to bikes, buses, and pedestrians

Council declares war on drivers in budget - Edinburgh Evening News: "CAPITAL investment in city infrastructure is £35 million – of this £16m is to be invested in repairing roads and pavements.

Cycling is to receive seven per cent of the overall budget, with a range of cycle lanes and improvements planned.

Motorists will face a 20p hike on parking charges, while parking permits are to rise by ten per cent.

An additional £120,000 has been set aside for subsidised bus services in the west of the city.

Reinstatement inspections of utility works are expected to bring in around £150,000 in revenue.

Also £2.1m is to be spent upgrading 6000 street lights across the city, using LED technology with a view to saving the council £280,000 per year.

In total, £9m is to be spent on transforming Leith Walk from Picardy Place to the Foot of the Walk."

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