Saturday, January 12, 2019

Children to ride free in Paris #freepublictransport

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo had some potentially great news for Parisian families with young children on Thursday as she announced her "big bang for transport pricing" across the French capital.
The socialist mayor's flagship proposal will see children aged 4-11 able to use public transport for free in Paris while currently only children aged 0-4 travel for free.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Letter to Irish Times tells advantages of free public transport

Sir, – We need to discourage the use of private cars in order to help address our climate obligations. This tends to be perceived very negatively by car users, but could in fact hugely increase our quality of life.
Let’s imagine we introduce a charge for taking a private car into our city centres and simultaneously provide free public transport and increase the number of city bicycles available.
Potential advantages include the reduction of pollution levels in the cities, better traffic flow for public transport and essential transport and deliveries in cities, better living conditions for city dwellers, safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists, a healthier and fitter population.
Clearly there would have to be exceptions to the charge, perhaps zero emission vehicles, vehicles with a disability sticker, all public transport vehicles, delivery vehicles of a particular size, construction-related vehicles and essential services? Perhaps there could also be an appeal process for reclaiming the charge in instances of unexpected emergencies.
Let’s imagine cities where the people, not the cars, are the kings of the road. – Yours, etc,
Dublin 14. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

With fare-free buses, people of Dunkirk, France, more active in community

Free public transport in the French channel port of Dunkirk has given rise to a quiet revolution. Fare-free buses, which were instituted last month, have made residents not only happier but also more active in their communities.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Make buses free first, then you will have demand for more service

"It would have been better if passenger numbers increased as a result of us making changes to the bus network, not us offering free bus transport," Kase said.

On the other hand, Southeast Transport Centre board member Sander Saar observed that while it was previously thought that the bus schedule was the issue — that bus times weren't a good fit for riders — the increase in ridership following the introduction of free transport supports the fact that it was ticket prices that were a greater issue for riders.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dunkirk, France, pop. 200,000, has fare-free #publictransport

From the 1st of September, public buses in Dunkirk (pictured) are completely free of charge – making the northern French port city with 200,000 inhabitants “Europe's largest agglomeration to offer free bus transport”, according to the city's mayor Patrice Vergriete.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Free public transport in Malta will take cars off the road
The new free public transport initiative for students of church and independent schools will remove 6300 cars in the morning, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said. 
Speaking on One Radio, Muscat said that the measure would not only reduce traffic during the morning but would also allow families to save 700 euro per year on their disposable income.

He did concede that there may be teething issues given that the project is a complex proposal, however, he maintained that in the long-term the plan would yield positive results.