Sunday, December 1, 2019

Free public transport [tested] in Hannover: City satisfied

In the region Hannover the free public transport was tested. (Icon)
Bus and train users in the Hannover network drove free of charge from Saturday at midnight until Sunday morning at 5 pm – a day of action that should encourage motorists to change trains. The responsible persons showed themselves satisfied in the evening: The free day was "relaxed according to all involved parties", said the city. Hanover's new mayor Belit Onay (Green) praised the cooperation between the police, fire brigade, traffic authority, security service and market authorities as well as the region and the transport association Greater Hannover (GVH), which would have kept the development under the leadership of the city throughout Saturday in view : "I am very pleased about the constructive and successful cooperation," said Onay. 

Switzerland young communist organization calls for fare-free public transport

Jeunes PoP stated that “the climate emergency calls for a social and economic paradigm shift. Individual transport accounts for 29% of CO2 emissions in Switzerland and has been stable for around ten years. Free public transport contributes to a structural change in our transport model, by developing the economy of the commons and free services”. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Appel national pour la gratuité des transports publics locaux

Publié le 13 septembre 2019 par Collectif pour la gratuité des transports dans l’agglomération grenobloise

A l’occasion des deuxièmes rencontres internationales des transports publics gratuits à Châteauroux, la Coordination nationale des collectifs pour la gratuité des transports publics a lancé un appel pour interpeller et mobiliser dans la perspective des prochaines élections municipales.

Cet appel a été signé par plus de 150 personnalités politiques, syndicales ou du monde associatif. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Ireland Transport Minister says #freepublictransport too expensive, without mentioning the costs of supporting the car system.

"In summary, introducing free public transport for all users would require substantial additional funding by the taxpayer or from other sources." -- Shane Ross

But what about the cost of cars? Just look around you. Try to imagine a world without cars. What built infrastructure, what bureaucracy, what services, what government expenditures... are for cars and the sprawl they create. How much money leaves your town every day to go to foreign oil companies?

SSP continues its campaign for #freepublictransport

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Benefit of #freepublictransport

  1. More people on buses and trains helps to reduce traffic and congestion in inner cities.
  2. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer cars producing harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases
  3. Less traffic means shorter commute times and less time spent running engines wastefully in traffic
  4. When a population is more reliant upon public transport it becomes much easier to transition the transport sector to electric vehicles, simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint and air pollution
  5. A less car-centric culture could ultimately give cities back to pedestrians. 

Scotland Greens to pledge for #freepublictransport

Free public transport for all is to be pledged by the Scottish Greens in its election manifesto, The Scotsman has learned.