Saturday, September 20, 2014

International conference on free public transport - 6-November, Zory, Poland

Free public transport Zory U cowboys of BKM - "- Conferenceaddressed to the institutions and companies related to, among others, with wide-ranging discipline that is public transport. The aim of the conference is to disseminate knowledge on free public transport
in the cities, to discuss the possibilities and benefits of making it available to residents, as well as the exchange of experiences and to discuss issues of its operation - says Anna Ujma, advisor to the President for promotion culture and sport.

What is the plan for the conference? - These are of speakers, among others, of Estonia, the Netherlands,Polishand Italy, as well as a brief presentation of the Free buses for Urban Transport in Zory connected with the ride through the streets of the city and refreshments during the coffee break. Expected time of the conference is about 5 hours - adds Anna Ujma. their presence at the conference has already confirmed include authorities Tallinn, Prague, the Chinese city of Chengdu. See Also: For more information on free communication. [DISTRIBUTION and PHOTOS] Like us on Facebook and stay up to date with information! SEE ALSO: Free public transportation in Zory runs from 1 May 2014. [PHOTOS]

Cars Will Cook the Planet Absent Shift to Public Transportation

Scientific American: ""Transportation, driven by rapid growth in car use, has been the fastest-growing source of CO2 in the world," he continued. "While every part of the global economy needs to become greener, cleaning up the traffic jams in the world's cities offers the least pain and the most gain.""

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stop Pujades inicia una nova onada de mobilitzacions per frenar la pujada de preus del transport public l'any que ve : "Més d'un centenar de persones han participat aquest dilluns al vespre a l'assemblea convocada per la plataforma Stop Pujades a l'estació de metro de la Sagrera per decidir quines accions emprenen l'últim trimestre de l'any per forçar la baixada de les tarifes del transport públic de cara al 2015."

For #carfree day, we should make public transport free

Radio Gorzów 95,6 fm » Radnym podoba się pomysł Rowerowego Gorzowa. Za rok 22 września komunikacja miejska za darmo?: "Chodzi o 22 września, czyli Światowy Dzień Bez Samochodu. Zdaniem członków inicjatywy Rowerowy Gorzów właśnie ten dzień powinien być dniem z darmową komunikacja miejską. Plusów takiego rozwiązania ma być kilka. M. in.  promocja transportu publicznego."

Monday, September 15, 2014

To cheer up, take the bus

The Independent: "Lead researcher Adam Martin told The Daily Telegraph: “One surprising finding was that commuters reported feeling better when travelling by public transport, compared to driving. You might think that things like disruption to services or crowds of commuters might have been a cause of considerable stress.

“But as buses and trains also give people time to relax, read, socialise and there is usually an associated walk to the bus stop or railway station, it appears to cheer people up.”"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moscow experience shows that building roads makes congestion worse

RBTH : "Between 1992 and 2010, the guiding principle for the Moscow city authorities' approach to traffic congestion was: There are too many cars, so we need to expand the road network, explains Konstantin Trofimenko, head of the transport studies center of the Higher School of Economics."

According to the Russian Traffic Police Directorate, as of 2014, there are 5.5 million vehicles registered in Moscow. Source: Getty Images / Fotobank
Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines -

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scottish independence: An energy revolution?

Al Jazeera English: "Britain missed out on a £74 billion windfall in oil revenues in just six years, from 2002 till 2008, compared to Norway's fiscal regime. An independent Scotland could choose not to concede to the corporate lobby, and replicate the Norwegian ownership and tax model."