Monday, February 24, 2014

International Day of the Free Public Transport - Sierpień 80 "   - Free public transport is supremely profitable! Citizens would have easy access to education, culture, sport and recreation, as well as improved the availability of jobs. This would reduce the amount of traffic in the city, so no need to finance every moment costly road repair. Traffic jams would be less, and the air cleaner. No more printing of tickets and maintenance of ticket machines - says campaign coordinator, Luke Ługowski."

Ending free bus travel in the UK hurts the economy

Free bus travel also benefits wider community - Yorkshire Post: "Yes, bus travel is free for us but we spend – if only (at times) on a light lunch or coffee – so please don’t cut bus services and lose the spending power of we pensioners."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Local Events · 2014-02-28 · Yes for free public transport!

Katowice, Poland : "In connection with the International Day of the Free Public Transport all those who like this idea!

The action starts at 13:00 on the Market in Katowice and will last about an hour.

We invite all those who want public transport to be free in the city! Benefits of Free Public Transport are:
- getting rid of the cumbersome traffic jams
- an investment for the future
- a truly ecological solution
- better air, and hence the health of the inhabitants,
- a relief for our wallets
- quieter city
- more greenery and parks!

Let's be pioneers such as Estonian Tallinn, Belgian Hasselt, German Templin, or Polish Zory!"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Savisaar: EU's urban policy should green-light public transport

Edgar Savisaar and Jose Manuel Barroso. Photo:
The Baltic Course: "...our capital Tallinn has a year-old experience of keeping public transport fare at its lowest, i.e. zero. And I assure you that free public transport does strengthen society’s social ties while stimulating local economy and sparing environment. This is, indeed, smart policy. Green-lighting public transport is certainly one of the goals that the urban policy of European Union should support more effectively than the EU policy thus far," Savisaar stressed in his speech."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Children to ride free in group outings in Warsaw

No tickets holidays | "In accordance with the resolution of the Warsaw, organized groups of children and adolescents who participate in the "Winter in the City", will be able to travel by public transport free of charge."

Tarnobrzeg -- #freetransit would fill the buses and make better use of the investment

Tarnobrzeg: Driving without a ticket? The proposal to introduce free public transport in Tarnobrzeg born testimonials - February 17, 2014: "Then we began to wonder if maybe all the people Tarnobrzeg should be able to free ride the public buses. You need to find for this purpose additional million zlotys - says Dariusz pin. - Free ISCs an economic benefit and ecological. Now the buses are empty, and yet we all pay for it. Proponents emphasize that this is possible. From 1 January for free public transport ride in Gostyniu (Voivodeship). This idea won the vote on the budget civil and involving representatives of NGOs, seniors and youth."

Monday, February 17, 2014

UK plan for #climate, get a car or be trapped in your home

Fury over cuts to free travel schemes in South Yorkshire - South Yorkshire Times: "A controversial decision to axe free travel schemes for thousands of elderly and disabled people will stop many from getting out and about, it has been claimed."

UK response to #climate disaster is to cut #publictransit

Devolving bus funding to Wales 'has been a disaster for passengers and bus companies' - Wales Online: "Many services have been cut or thinned out, after the Welsh Government reduced bus funding by 25%, and now managers are braced for a big drop in payments for carrying passengers under the free travel scheme."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free public transport day - March 1st

Billettfri day Mir the 2nd March «News for activists: "Billettfri Day is Oslo Planka version of Free Public Transports Day, which is celebrated in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Berlin, Toronto, Florianópolis and Belgrade, among others. The day was instituted in 2008 by, as a day to celebrate free public transport, while putting this issue on the political agenda."

Free public transport advocates speak up in Prague, Czech Republic

INTERNATIONAL DAY FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT: "Get into action to promote the idea of free public transport. Express yourself in your own way in the area of public transport and creativity let everyone know that public transport could / should be free. "pranks parade" / Carnival artistic production (music, theater, etc.). flashmob style dance in the subway! active zevling Use your imagination Action! location MŮSTEK + MUZEUM + FLORENC"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free public transport for the unemployed. This idea of ​​councilors from Bedzin ""Free ride" is a campaign organized by the county council and będziński club Będzin your movement. Originators want to make life easier for the unemployed, they want to unemployed residents of the county Będzin, able to use public transport free of charge. The help turned to the district office in Bedzin. The letter also went to the board and the congregation KZK GOP in Katowice."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1/3 of people behind bars for not paying fines for not paying for #publictransit

Germany's undercover operatives will check your — subway fare | GlobalPost: "Every year, Berlin Kontrollers catch around 400,000 schwarzfahrer. Around 20,000 a year are prosecuted for repeated violations. At one point, as many as a third of the inmates in the city's Plotzensee jail were behind bars for failing to pay fines of up to 3,000 euros."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Edinburgh to take from cars and give to bikes, buses, and pedestrians

Council declares war on drivers in budget - Edinburgh Evening News: "CAPITAL investment in city infrastructure is £35 million – of this £16m is to be invested in repairing roads and pavements.

Cycling is to receive seven per cent of the overall budget, with a range of cycle lanes and improvements planned.

Motorists will face a 20p hike on parking charges, while parking permits are to rise by ten per cent.

An additional £120,000 has been set aside for subsidised bus services in the west of the city.

Reinstatement inspections of utility works are expected to bring in around £150,000 in revenue.

Also £2.1m is to be spent upgrading 6000 street lights across the city, using LED technology with a view to saving the council £280,000 per year.

In total, £9m is to be spent on transforming Leith Walk from Picardy Place to the Foot of the Walk."

Tarnobrzeg: instead of a basketball free public transport

Polish Radio Rzeszow: "Revocation of grants for basketball section and destiny 750,000 thousand to finance the free city bus rides. This proposal is the chairman of the City Council Tarnobrzeg. Dariusz pin justify the validity of your design poor performance basketball Sulphur Tarnobrzeg economic benefit of the residents and environmental grounds. He is convinced that free buses will reduce congestion on the streets Tarnobrzeg, and even solve the problem of lack of parking spaces in the center. "

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tallinn free public transport, ridership up 13.8% in January, 50% of population uses #publictransit

The Baltic Course: "In January 2014, 307,936 various cards were implemented, this means that a number of passengers increased by 13.8%.

According to the data provided in January, 596,000 transport cards were issued, of them 299,644 were given to Tallinners for free public transport rides, 72,000 – for pensioners' free rides, and 3414 – for schollchildren who are also entitled for gratis public transport use. A total of 375,000 persons are free to use the public transport, and 96,000 persons pay for a ride with a banking card."

Friday, February 7, 2014

No #peakoil #collapse? Mass protest in Bosnia. No violence until police came.

al jazeera
Bosnian protests erupt over unemployment: "Many of the protesters are reportedly laid-off workers from formerly state-owned companies that collapsed after privatisation. The country's unemployment rate is 27.5 per cent and perceptions of political corruption are widespread."
I was there the whole time, it was just a regular protest until special police forces came up and started using force, then it started to look more like a riot. People are protesting because of general government incompetence, unemployment, corruption, absurdly high salaries of ministers and other government employees. The whole leadership of the country is just rotten.

Barcelona -- struggle against fare hike continues - @nopaguem

Stop fare increase on transport called a strike users to Santa Eulalia: "The protests against the rising price of public transport do not stop. Hundreds of people took part Wednesday in the seventh movement, which is called 46 points in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. The platform rises Stop Transportation has announced another strike by users on 12 February from 19.30 to 20.30."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Gostyniu, Poland, free public transport causes ridership to triple

Free public transport? In Gostyniu paid off! - "Free public transport in Municipal Gostyniu runs from the beginning of the year. Journeys are financed by the society. And I think I can speak with great success: free rides three times more passengers than before. Interestingly, to travel free of charge do not have to be a resident of Gostynia nor carry any documents. Drivers take all who stand at the bus stop."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The campaign for free public transport in Poland

[Google Translate:] : "Since last year, the Free Trade Union "August 80 " and the Polish Labour Party - "August 80 " fight for free public transport . More and more cities in Poland and in the world decide on this kind of transport. It operates , among others, in Hasselt , Belgium , Aubagne , France , Templin , Germany, Tallinn, Estonia , Baltimore, USA and many , many other cities around the world . In total , in various forms , free public transport system operates in dozens of cities around the world ( ).

In Poland, for some time by public transport free of charge can move the driver in Nysa . The result is a decrease in traffic on the roads and increase the availability of parking in the center. Moreover, such communication proves to be more economical for the local government. Free transport also operates in Ząbki near Warsaw. It's free for all residents who are registered in the city . In Kielce buses to the city center are also free. Later this year, Zory want to introduce free public transport . The local president believes that such transport is much greener because drivers przesiadają to buses . It is also much more pro-social , because it does not exclude the poorest and families with many children , for which tickets are spending huge.

Is it really worth it? In Hasselt in Belgium, after the introduction of free public transport congestion disappeared . The air was cleaner . A city budget saved , even though the number of buses has increased five times! Today, free public transport moves back twelve times more passengers than on the eve of its introduction . One-fourth of a former car drivers . Saved , because there was no need to expand and build new parking lots and roads, as well as decreased expenditure on the maintenance of existing roads .

Already, the idea of free communication became interested councilors and residents of Warsaw , Gdansk , Koszalin , Krakow and Bydgoszcz. We are waiting for reports from other cities !

Free transport is more money in our pockets , because we do not have to buy more tickets . In times of crisis it helps household budgets, and the budgets of many cities that do not have to plan additional expenditure of road in the future. To ensure a ride around the city without traffic jams , it is just sensible and economical to introduce free public transport . Moreover, we will not be poisoned by exhaust fumes from thousands of cars that every now coming to the cities, choking them. Free public transport , a government friendly to locals . In search of work , on the way to work, school , hospital or university.

That's why since January 1, 2014 we together with local government , community organizations and individuals who care about the development of Polish introduce free public transport in all cities that want to take on this project in the future!

Free Trade Union "August 80 "
Polish Labour Party - "August 80 ""

Floriana park and ride reduced to 40c per day with free shuttle service "Malta Public Transport and Transport Malta announced today plans to reduce the price of the Floriana Park & Ride facility to 40c per day, while including a more efficient, free shuttle service to and from Valletta and Floriana."