Monday, November 30, 2015

So-called "sustainable development" is export of pollution covered by an accounting trick

George Monbiot Guardian: "Here’s how the false accounting works. It takes the raw materials we extract in our own countries, adds them to our imports of stuff from other countries, then subtracts our exports, to end up with something called “domestic material consumption”. But by measuring only the products shifted from one nation to another, rather than the raw materials needed to create those products, it greatly underestimates the total use of resources by the rich nations."

Madrid waits for emergency to make buses free

Guardian: "Madrid’s emergency plans also include increased (and free) public transport. "

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Les transports publics bientôt gratuits à Niort

Connexion Transport Territoires: "La Communauté d’agglomération du niortais (CAN) a voté fin octobre la mise en place de la gratuité totale de son réseau de transport urbain en 2017. Cette phase d’expérimentation durera un an. "

Exemplul Tallin: Cum transportul public gratuit a devenit un succes de invidiat

Independent: "Transportul public în comun necesită de la an la an tot mai multe investiții din bugetul municipal. Astfel de afirmaţii le putem auzi de la oficiali municipali, în ajunul fiecărei noi scumpiri de bilete în toata Europa, inclusiv la noi.

Dar, în lume există şi altfel de exemple. În ultimii ani, în Europa devine din ce în ce mai popular sistemul de transport public gratuit. Peste o sută de oraşe din UE au renunţat la plata pentru transportul public – parțial sau total, scrie Majoritatea acestora sunt orășele mici, dar există şi o excepție – capitala Estoniei – Tallin.

De trei ani locuitorii Tallinului beneficiază de transportul public în comun gratuit."

COP21 good place to sell cars

caradisiac : "L'alliance Renault Nissan, très portée sur l'électrique depuis 2009, profite de cette grande vitrine médiatique mondiale pour fournir 200 voitures 100 % électriques (Renault Zoé, Nissan Leaf et Nissan e-NV200), lesquelles devraient parcourir 400 000 km pendant la manifestation. Ces véhicules seront disponibles 24h/24 et serviront à acheminer les officiels entre le site du Bourget, où se tiendra la manifestation, et la capitale."

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Austria among the crowd of nations ready to slaughter people for oil and gas : "The Austrian Parliamentary Delegation expressed their hope that the international community would provide additional assistance in order to ease the burden on the Kurdistan Regional Government."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

#COP21 in France will be more false promises, but we are not helpless

Leaders of world capitalism have been promising big things to address climate change for over 20 years. There has been no progress at all. There will be more big promises coming soon. The problem is, they want to fix capitalism with more capitalism. Do you really think a carbon tax will work? They will never agree on the terms, and there will be a massive bureaucracy of loopholes. And, don't forget, a carbon tax must be global to work.

The human race needs rapid de-growth now. Right now. There are some hopeful signs. Birth rates are dropping in many places. We need to speed that up.

If we make buses free and make cars unnecessary in towns and cities, people will urbanize. When people do that, they learn that having more children does not bring in more food. They will put more effort into education. Education means even faster drop of birth rate.

Free public transport will also reduce the demand for oil, which will reduce its political power, a power currently being used to defame and massacre Muslims.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Madrid's Bold New Pollution Plan Would Ban Cars and Make Transit Free

CityLab: "The city of Madrid is poised to enact some of the toughest anti-pollution laws in the world. When air quality drops beneath a new threshold, Spain’s capital will banish half the city’s cars from inner Madrid and introduce strict speed limits on the beltway. In an unusual spirit of municipal largesse, it will also make public transit entirely free to use for the day. Laboring under a reputation as one of Europe’s most congested, polluted capitals, Madrid could finally be about to clean up its act."