Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rebels on a journey to defend free travel pass

Mirror Online: "Ros Wynne-Jones meets a growing movement of hundreds of pensioners and disabled people in South and West Yorkshire, the two men have refused to accept cuts to their free services and have been refusing to pay their fares"

Photo: Daily Mirror Simon Ashton

Monday, July 21, 2014

Zašto besplatan prevoz?

Free Public Transport: "Javni prevoz je javno dobro i njegovo korišćenje je osnovno ljudsko pravo.
To je javna služba koju su naši preci pola veka izgrađivali kao servis koji treba da služi svim svojim građanima i ne može NOVAC prepreka tome da ga neko ko nema novca koristi usluge javnog prevoza.

Danas, kada je nas 99% egzistencijalno ugroženo zbog korumpiranosti aktuelnog političkog sistema i pohlepe domaćih i stranih tajkuna sakrivenih iza raznih korporacija i fondova registrovanih u poreskim rajevima, više nego ikada, naša obaveza je da tome stanemo na put."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free public transport would strengthen the cohesion of German society

ZEIT ONLINE: "But above all, would the zero tariff in a decentralized country like Germany is one that make everyday life easier and strengthen the cohesion of society. The web would be the place to meet the people from all backgrounds. Even low-income earners could visit seaside or afford in the Alps or a concert in the neighboring town. It would be easier to maintain friendships and to visit relatives. The Germans would do and try more. It would be a makeover for the whole country."

Friday, July 18, 2014

DELIVERY OF PETITIONS FOR FREE public transport and proposed strategy for the further direction of its development

DELIVERY OF PETITIONS FOR FREE public transport and proposed strategy for the further direction of its development: "Today we meet in front of the Municipality building at Nikola Pasic Square where the Mayor will, his assistants and members of the City Council publicly deliver a petition with over 6,500 signatures to create a free and sustainable public transport which includes; - Drastic reduction in ticket prices, 
  - Introduction of free public transport for secondary school students, university students, the unemployed and people with disabilities, 
- Unification of the tariff system, 
- The introduction of strict public control of these services,
- Changing modes of financing and strategy of modernization of public transport
  With this act, we want to show our officials in the city government that is a different way of financing and modernization of public transport is possible, and thus start a dialogue which will ensure the creation of sustainable public transport as an integral part of creating a sustainable, socially just and modern metropolis, such as Belgrade."

Poland - More and more cities are choosing to free public transport

Polish Labour Party: "Poland has become a leader in Europe in terms of activity in this topic. Already a totally free communication is or will be later this year, several Polish cities including Zory and Lubin. This is the second city with a population close to 80 thousand. residents will become the largest in Poland with such communication. Besides, many other cities have introduced or will introduce free communication for residents, drivers, free lines, etc. Including all cities which have, or bring a revolutionary solution is now nearly 30, and it's not over yet!"

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Une nouvelle ville passe à la gratuité des transports en commun

carfreefrance : "C’était une promesse électorale du maire, la ville de Gaillac dans le Tarn (13.629 habitants) passera à la gratuité des transports en commun le 13 septembre prochain. Gaillac sera alors la 26ème ville française à passer à la gratuité des transports en commun.

Le 11 juin dernier, les élus du conseil municipal de Gaillac ont été particulièrement attentifs lors du rapport d’activité du réseau “Bougenbus”, composé de six lignes de bus.

Avec près de 84 000 voyages enregistrés de septembre 2012 à août 2013, le trafic est en hausse de +150% en un an. Le réseau de 6 lignes emploie 114 personnes, dont 64 à temps complet. Financé par trois actionnaires, le conseil général (1000 actions), la ville de Gaillac (150 actions) et Tarn et Dadou (150 actions), l’exercice financier laisse apparaître un léger déficit de 2.600 €."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Helsinki looks to car-free future with ‘on demand’ transport system

South China Morning Post: "The Finnish capital, Helsinki, has revealed plans to transform its existing public transport network into a "mobility on demand" system that will be so good nobody will need to own a car."

Friday, July 11, 2014

DUP hits back in row over funding OAPs' free travel ""Let us be clear – no one is putting the concessionary travel scheme under threat apart from Danny Kennedy.

...With a Senior SmartPass, anyone over the age of 65 can travel anywhere in Northern Ireland on any Translink bus or rail service free of charge. They can also enjoy free cross border travel. The scheme costs around £9m a year. While both main unionist parties say they want it protected, the UUP believes an inability to reach agreement on Stormont spending has placed it in jeopardy."

Oil industry fears free public transport anywhere and wants it crushed

Free public transport for pensioners under threat - "The future of free public transport for senior citizens could be in jeopardy because of the stalemate over spending on the Stormont Executive."

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Retirees fight for free public transport in UK

The Guardian: "Eleven days ago, on 23 June, I attended the latest of the South Yorkshire Freedom Rides, organised by Barnsley Retirees Action Group (BRAG). About 50 or 60 elderly and disabled people turned up at Barnsley railway station determined to continue our campaign for free train travel by travelling without paying on the train. Some of the 60 had come down just to cheer the rest on. About 40 bought tickets to Wombwell, the first stop down the line, with the intention of freedom riding from Wombwell to Meadowhall."

Photo credit: The Freedom Riders at one of their protests in May this year Photograph: Fran Postlethwaite, Barnsley Retirees Action Group