Thursday, November 22, 2018

Letter to Irish Times tells advantages of free public transport

Sir, – We need to discourage the use of private cars in order to help address our climate obligations. This tends to be perceived very negatively by car users, but could in fact hugely increase our quality of life.
Let’s imagine we introduce a charge for taking a private car into our city centres and simultaneously provide free public transport and increase the number of city bicycles available.
Potential advantages include the reduction of pollution levels in the cities, better traffic flow for public transport and essential transport and deliveries in cities, better living conditions for city dwellers, safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists, a healthier and fitter population.
Clearly there would have to be exceptions to the charge, perhaps zero emission vehicles, vehicles with a disability sticker, all public transport vehicles, delivery vehicles of a particular size, construction-related vehicles and essential services? Perhaps there could also be an appeal process for reclaiming the charge in instances of unexpected emergencies.
Let’s imagine cities where the people, not the cars, are the kings of the road. – Yours, etc,
Dublin 14.