Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free public transport in Nysa has benefited 188 thousand licensed drivers

Nysa is a town of less than 50,000 people has had free public transport for licensed drivers since June 2012. From the town and 26 surrounding villages, 188,000 have made use of it.
Darmowa komunikacja miejska w Nysie. Skorzystało 188 tys. kierowców: "Bezpłatne przejazdy komunikacją miejską dla kierowców wprowadzono w gminie Nysa w czerwcu 2012 roku. Korzystać z nich mogą osoby, które mają ze sobą podczas jazdy autobusem Miejskiego Zakładu Komunikacji (MZK) prawo jazdy kategorii B oraz dowód rejestracyjny samochodu osobowego z ważnym terminem badania technicznego."

Cars choking Truro, UK, experts "can't think" of a solution

Parking crisis in Truro makes life "just hell" | West Briton: "The transport boss at Cornwall Council said the matter was affecting the quality of life of large numbers of people in the city. He admitted he did not have a solution but appealed to the public to find a way forward."

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Proposal for free public transport in Warsaw, Poland

The proposed project concerns a change in the functioning and financing of public transport in Warsaw . The inspiration is the capital of Estonia Tallinn, where a similar system already in place. The system would be introduced in Warsaw , although slightly different , but many of the solutions should be considered.

The system established by the city council of Tallinn assumes free public transport for people clearing their taxes in this city. Tallinn will be the first European capital , which has decided to introduce free transport. Tallinn to join the same group of dozens of cities, where such a system (including the Belgian Hasselt, German Templin, French Aubagne, Manises Spanish , Swedish Kiruna and the Avesta , the full list at: ) .


Monday, January 27, 2014

Public transport could be free in the entire Europe

Michel van Hulten : "Free transport that has proved itself well in Tallinn must be advertised in all European Union Member States as admitted a Dutch scientist Michel van Hulten participating in the free public transport summer school.

“I hope the meeting in Tallinn would also provide an opportunity to promote local free public transport in all the 28 European Union Member States,” the former Vice Transport Minister of the Netherlands, Michel van Hulten, admitted."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kraków, Poland, City councillors propose #freetransit

Press, January 25: Free public transportation - News - LoveKraków: ""Councillors Quarter and Old Town appealed to the President of Krakow requested to enter a trial period free use of collective transport in the city center, in the second ring road. (...) - The introduction of free communication in the second ring road would affect the traffic calming in the center - says Alexander Miszalski, Councilman District I, founder of the resolution on the free shuttle."

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Gdańsk. 32 thousand. unemployed benefited from free travel

Gdańsk. 32 thousand. unemployed benefited from free travel: "Nearly 32 thousand. unemployed of Gdansk and the Gdansk district have benefited over the past 10 years with the card entitles to free travel on public transport. The card is part of the program: "Support for people actively looking for work.""

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Friday, January 24, 2014

##Freetransit cards in Poland for unemployed to continue after you start work

Free public transport is to help you find a job: "The card is part of the program: "Support for people actively looking for work."
- The goal of the program is to increase the mobility of the unemployed in finding employment - said Labour Office in Gdansk. The program is currently used by several labor offices, including in Gdynia and Lauenburg.

Your card will benefit even more people
By 2014, the card entitles to free use of public transport will benefit also those who have taken the job. If you start working for a minimum of three months the card will be extended for one month, in the case of work for at least six months for two two months, in the case of work for at least a year - about three months."

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Why free public transport? (Serbia) : "The brutal social, humanitarian, economic, environmental, energy and political crisis in which we are seriously threatening the survival of us all. While 1% of individuals teeming inappropriate rich at our expense, our very existence, 99% of Serbian citizens is called into serious danger. Rather than focus their attention on ensuring minimum living conditions for impoverished shameful part of the citizens, the focus of political and economic mafia that makes 1% of Serbia is now focused on getting rich through privatization and control of all for us, 99% of respondents, strategically important industries, vital public services necessary for the normal functioning of our society and government and electronic media necessary for objective information and the free exchange of information. One of the last of such attempts is to take control of our public transport by a private consortium APEX, poynatijeg as "Bus Plus." Rather than innovate and otherwise secure sources of financing collective public transport and thus provide mobility and social inclusion of the most vulnerable, employment help, encourage development of small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce our country's dependence on fossil fuels and foreign trade deficit, further reduce environmental pollution that are our public company wants to privatize. lied to that it is impossible to provide a completely free public transport for all citizens, that is, that it is impossible provide an additional 30% of the funds thus urban and suburban transport was 100% publicly funded .. Such examples are dozens around the world, in developed countries, but also in countries less developed than ours, to cities like Belgrade, but also in many smaller communities."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Billions set aside for public transportation go unused

The Copenhagen Post: "When the government scrapped the idea of a congestion zone (betalingsring) in Copenhagen, an annual consolation fund of one billion kroner was established to help with cheaper and better public transportation. The fund established 500 million kroner for repairs and equipment and 500 million for fare control."

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Cyprus. People continue opposition to bus fare hikes

On the march: "Pupil leaders are gearing up to demonstrate on Thursday against the newly introduced €15 per month school bus fare which they say is "unfair and unaffordable"."

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Municipality Otmuchów launched a free shuttle service for residents

24Opole: : "Access to the capital of the municipality and the county will no longer be a problem, especially for the elderly or the unemployed residents of the village in the municipality of Otmuchów. The authorities have launched a free communication there that the residents drive to Nysa and Otmuchów. "

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Humans on direct path to 6 degrees warming and climate disaster

Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism?: "We either continue with rising emissions and reap the radical repercussions of severe climate change, or we acknowledge that we have a choice and pursue radical emission reductions: No longer is there a non-radical option. Moreover, low-carbon supply technologies cannot deliver the necessary rate of emission reductions - they need to be complemented with rapid, deep and early reductions in energy consumption - the rationale for this conference.2"

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For public transport to serve the working classes

In the process of impoverishment and dispossession that are suffering all employees / workers and popular sectors, the month of January we will probably be beaten by TMB with a new rise in public transport fares.
Public transport is a fundamental right of all workers to stop and we have this new process we are experiencing looting, theft fledged social.

Too long ago that we suffer an unjustified increase of public transport, encouraged by all political parties in the different governing bodies.

The overhead of managing public funding of private transportation in the metropolitan area (three agencies most all municipalities that are part of) who have suffered no cuts or salary or senior officials, and the lack of pressure tax allocated to public transport, for example on private vehicles, are clear examples. This financing system is unsustainable, and the political class only provides solutions that harm citizens, the users of public transport.

We condemn, in addition, the use of public money to fund private companies that provide shuttle service (lower section and Besos, Bicing, etc..), While its follow directions monetize.

Some of the measures proposed are:

a) Free for people unemployed or poverty
b) Social Tariff for pensioners, students and children
c) the increase in prices for transport under any circumstances
d) Recovery of public management of all carriers
e) No dismissal or reduction of wages and labor workers and Metro
f) Readmission of Andrew Cape, TMB worker fired for denouncing embezzlement managers TMB

Public transport is a right, not a privilege"

Quanto costa un sistema di trasporto pubblico non efficiente?

"Un progetto di ricerca dovrebbe servire per migliorare le condizioni di vita della popolazione.
Questo è quello che ci hanno sempre insegnato.
Illustri scienziati hanno consacrato la loro vita di studi non per il proprio tornaconto, ma per la collettività."

Read more on Free Public Transport Italy

Saturday, January 11, 2014

People love the Derbyshire free Sunday bus

Derby traders welcome bus firm's free Sunday service | Derby Telegraph: "Mr Hornby said that last Sunday – which was the first time Freeride Sundays came into operation – the feedback from customers had been positive.

He said: "The reception we received from our customers after the first Sunday was fantastic."

The firm, which also operates services in Nottinghamshire, said by giving away free bus travel it hoped to encourage more motorists to try public transport as an alternative to taking the car.

Mr Hornby said: "We want to see more people discover the comfort, convenience and value for money that our buses provide, while helping cut congestion on our busy roads.""

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years

© Martin at Sea, Flickr
ArchDaily: "With this network, Hamburg will be following a trend, perhaps best exemplified by Copenhagen, of cities constructing cycle paths in order to linking outlying areas to city centers. And, importantly, the plan will make the car – currently the only transportation option to get from one part of the city to another – essentially unnecessary. "

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stop the new bus tariffs in Uppsala "Today the cost of a monthly pass on city buses 525 kr. If UL gets through his proposals, they will increase the price by 50 percent to 790 kr. Which is just too expensive. It is totally unreasonable that they should cost as much to travel from Gävle Uppsala travel from Gottsunda-city core.
To get more people to use public transport, they should maintain the current price of city traffic.

Today the cost of a monthly pass 1580 SEK to commute from Gävle and Uppsala. The price will be reduced by 50 percent to 790 SEK, which means that we are city dwellers who will have to pay the difference as long commuters will not have to pay."

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

UK Midland public transport cuts will make prisoners of elderly and disabled

Special Report: Bob Haywood on Midland public transport cuts - Birmingham Mail: "The Sunday Mercury has uncovered fears that:

  • Elderly and disabled people could become prisoners in their own homes
  • Poor families will unable to afford higher fares for their children, leading to pupils missing school
  • There will be a crazy financial merry-go-round as cuts imposed in one area will only throw up extra costs in another


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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Major oil companies fracking in Romania

Frack Off Romania: "In Romania, a village has already been destroyed by fracking."

Malta nationalizes public transport

PN has no credibility when it comes to public transport – PL - The Malta Independent: "On Thursday, the government nationalised the public transport service which was previously run by Arriva.

The PL said that workers’ jobs are being safeguarded, and discriminatory bus-fares have been removed."

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"Ban the car from central Brussels" says Mayor "The new mayor stresses his determination to put the bicycle first in central Brussels and make the necessary changes to the traffic infrastructure. He favours banning the car on the Anspachlaan between Beurs and De Brouckère as has been requested by several organisations. The mayor wants the city cabinet to decide the matter at the end of January.

Yvan Mayeur: "Whatever we do, there will always be opponents. The only way to avoid opposition is to do nothing. People should come to the city to shop and stroll. A motorway in the middle of the city isn't attractive, not even for retailers.""