Monday, September 19, 2016

“Car-free Sunday” a success, says Minister for Transport

The Brussels Times: "Thousands of individuals took advantage of cutting across the region’s 160 square kilometres on foot, by bike or using public transport, all without any major incidents, the police say.

The Royal Family also criss-crossed the streets of the capital by bike. Mr Smet commented, “Car-free Sunday” shows perfectly that a city with fewer cars is both a vibrant and pleasant city.”"

Monday, September 5, 2016

Free second ride for London bus passengers

BBC News: "Bus passengers in London will be able to make a second journey for free under a new system being launched by the capital's mayor.
Sadiq Khan said from 12 September a free second journey can be made within an hour of a fare being paid.
His office estimates 30 million bus journeys, currently costing £1.50 per passenger, will be made this way.
An Oyster or contactless payment card will need to be used to take advantage of the Hopper fare."