Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Appel national pour la gratuité des transports publics locaux

Publié le 13 septembre 2019 par Collectif pour la gratuité des transports dans l’agglomération grenobloise

A l’occasion des deuxièmes rencontres internationales des transports publics gratuits à Châteauroux, la Coordination nationale des collectifs pour la gratuité des transports publics a lancé un appel pour interpeller et mobiliser dans la perspective des prochaines élections municipales.

Cet appel a été signé par plus de 150 personnalités politiques, syndicales ou du monde associatif. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Ireland Transport Minister says #freepublictransport too expensive, without mentioning the costs of supporting the car system.

"In summary, introducing free public transport for all users would require substantial additional funding by the taxpayer or from other sources." -- Shane Ross

But what about the cost of cars? Just look around you. Try to imagine a world without cars. What built infrastructure, what bureaucracy, what services, what government expenditures... are for cars and the sprawl they create. How much money leaves your town every day to go to foreign oil companies?

SSP continues its campaign for #freepublictransport

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Benefit of #freepublictransport

  1. More people on buses and trains helps to reduce traffic and congestion in inner cities.
  2. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer cars producing harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases
  3. Less traffic means shorter commute times and less time spent running engines wastefully in traffic
  4. When a population is more reliant upon public transport it becomes much easier to transition the transport sector to electric vehicles, simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint and air pollution
  5. A less car-centric culture could ultimately give cities back to pedestrians. 

Scotland Greens to pledge for #freepublictransport

Free public transport for all is to be pledged by the Scottish Greens in its election manifesto, The Scotsman has learned. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Ireland Teachta Dála calls for #freepublictransport

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Stockholm, Sweden, protest against fare hikes

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ireland socialists call for #freepublictransport

Komárno is the first city in Slovakia to introduce free urban transport

„Príjmy z cestovných lístkov sa blížia k 10-tim percentám zo sumy vynaloženej na verejnú dopravu v Komárne. Čo je dôležitejšie, aby občania mesta čo najviac využívali túto službu. Zároveň týmto môžeme zabezpečiť, aby ľudia nechávali svoje autá doma, čo prispeje aj k zlepšeniu životného prostredia, parkovacích podmienok, a taktiež zníženiu hustej dopravy a zápcham. Okrem toho tiež pomôžeme sociálne slabším, aby mohli cestovať do práce, alebo do školy zadarmo,“ vysvetľuje pre Startitup primátor mesta Komárno Béla Keszegh.

Na základe schválenej koncepcie bude prebiehať verejné obstarávanie, a pravdepodobne od budúceho januára môžu občania cestovať bezplatne.
 Google Translate to English:
“Ticket revenues are close to 10 percent of the amount spent on public transport in Komárno. More importantly, the citizens of the city make the most of this service. At the same time, we can ensure that people leave their cars at home, which will also contribute to improving the environment, parking conditions, as well as reducing heavy traffic and congestion. In addition, we will also help the socially disadvantaged to travel to work or school for free, ” explains Mayor of Komárno Béla Keszegh for Startitup .

On the basis of the approved concept, public procurement is under way, and citizens are likely to be free to travel from next January. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Cars choking Ireland, best solution is to make public transport fare-free

Commuters to Dublin from Wicklow and Wexford are facing years of road works and delays as detailed plans emerge for a third lane and junction closures along sections of the road between Loughlinstown Hospital and Ashford.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Germany considering #freepublictransport to meet pollution level requirements

“We are considering public transport free of charge in order to reduce the number of private cars,” the letter says.
“Effectively fighting air pollution without any further unnecessary delays is of the highest priority for Germany,” they added.
The European Commission called out several other countries, including Spain, France, and Italy, for having excessive nitrogen dioxide and fine particles in the atmosphere, according to the Guardian.
Severe pollution causes 400,000 premature deaths and leads to $24.7 billion in health care costs each year across Europe. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Isle of Man, 80% want free public transport

An event will be held in Douglas tonight to explain to people why the Island should have free public transport.

Fare Free IOM say the event is a public introduction to a project which the campaign group have been working on for the past six months.

It's in response to a consultation which the IOM Government launched earlier this year, where respondents were asked what their views were on free public transport - over 80% agreed.