Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Could public transport in the UK ever be free? - News & Advice - Travel - The Independent

Could public transport in the UK ever be free? - News & Advice - Travel - The Independent: "Free public transport isn't as rare as you might imagine. The Flemish city of Hasselt has an entirely free public- transport system, as do a handful of left-leaning villes in France – Châteauroux, near Orleans, and Toulouse suburb Colomiers – which abolished tickets in 1971. In Marcel Pagnol's birthplace, the cultured Provençal town of Aubagne, the free transport system is wryly marketed under the slogan "Liberté, égalité, gratuité!" – also the title of a book about the scheme penned by the philosopher Jean-Louis Sagot-Duvauroux and Aubagne's feminist Mayor Magali Giovannangeli."

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

People of Greece fight back against looting by troika

Greek main opposition radical left extends lead in polls, as Athens awaits creditors’ verdict | iPolitics: "ATHENS – Greece’s main opposition radical left party has extended its lead over the governing conservatives, according to a new poll released as Athens awaits its creditors’ verdict on a vital loan payment."

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Friday, November 23, 2012

George Monbiot – Feeding Cars, Not People

George Monbiot – Feeding Cars, Not People: "We need a solution to the global warming caused by cars, but this isn’t it. If the production of biofuels is big enough to affect climate change, it will be big enough to cause global starvation."

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Grand Views : Students say life in Vejle much different than life in Iowa

The Grand Views : Students say life in Vejle much different than life in Iowa: "Forbes Magazine declared Denmark the happiest country in the world in 2010.Therefore as the high tax rates are not opposed as they might be in Iowa where they pay 6 percent sales tax and, in an Iowan’s eyes, a whopping 24-28 percent income tax.
People may wonder how anyone can be so happy paying such a high tax rate, but as a result of the high taxes, they get a free college education, free public transportation and continued support from the government.

...In Denmark it is not very common for students to get a driver’s license. This is due to two main reasons. First, Denmark public transportation is easily accessible and free so they have no need to drive. And second, it costs the equivalent of $1,300, not a sum that many young adults can afford."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chi siamo | Comitato Romano per le Autoriduzioni

Chi siamo | Comitato Romano per le Autoriduzioni: "Pensiamo che tutto questo non sia più accettabile. Riteniamo che il diritto alla mobilità sia un diritto fondamentale per le società contemporanee. Il servizio scadente e i costi imposti sono cause di emarginazione sociale, nei territori metropolitani come nelle province. Per questo pensiamo che nel momento in cui alzano le tariffe e peggiorano i servizi sia giusto e necessario non pagare più e proporre un altro modello possibile, che non pensi a costruire opere avveniristiche peri ricchi quali il Tav, ma che garantisca il diritto alla mobilità a tutti e a tutte."

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tallinn free transport idea is spreading to Narva

Narva Mulls Free Public Transport | Economy | News | ERR: "The Narva City Government is considering going the way of Tallinn and making its public transport free of charge, according to a city official."

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