Friday, June 18, 2010

Transit advocate takes on child-hating trolls

Mickinlondon, how will making countless millions of free public transport journeys every year cost money not affect fares in general?
Kevin T, Beckenham, Kent.

Well Kevin; the buses run to time tables etc, if they are full or empty; it matters not; they still run to time tables etc.

By many children going by bus; this reduces mothers driving them to school in cars etc; but I agree not all etc.

School hours differ from adult working hours; hence at school time periods, many buses run empty etc.

Its much the same with old people; they tend to use buses out of rush hour etc, and mostly mid day periods etc.

So you see the running costs of empty buses, is much the same running cost as full buses etc; this leaves the cost issue of using buses to their max capacity and cost, and very debatable as to the reason for fare rises etc.

One thing is for sure; with or without children and the old getting free rides; your fares will increase anyway, due to other costs involved; much like fares are increased on trains etc, without children or the aged using them free etc.

I drove a bus once; and you would be surprised at how often they run empty, but I still got paid the full wage etc, and the bus still used fuel etc, that is a fact; Kevin.

So free bus rides for some; are a red herring when it comes to fare increases etc.

- mickinlondon, london, 18/06/2010 14:28 Evening Standard

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sevastopol, Russia, Campaign for Free Public Transport

May 29 picket Square Povstantsiv Crimean group "Autonomous Action" launched a campaign "FOR FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Carrying picket was timed to the intention of the city authorities to raise fares on public transport, in particular to raise fares in the city trolley with the current tariff 75 kopecks to 1 hryvnia. About these intentions deputy chairman of City Administration Igor Loktionov...
...We declare that our campaign will continue.Taxes that are lined with people and without that - a heavy tribute to the officials. Now they want to make our lives more difficult, increasing under fictitious pretexts fare. "Autonomous Action - Crimea" categorically in favor of preventing price increases in public transport, as well as against the appointment of the Director of SOE Sevelektroavtotrans "monopoly trucking in Sevastopol. Public transport is called the public that it provides the basic needs of society.Therefore, it should not be regarded as a way to profit. Public transport should be cheap, but in an ideal - free of charge....

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