Monday, April 25, 2016

Car pollution kills 10,000 a year in London

Greenpeace UK: "We all saw the research last year from King’s College London – commissioned by the GLA and TfL - that nearly 10,000 premature deaths are caused in London every year by exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulates PM2.5s. This was double the previous estimate, and very worrying. 

Traffic congestion biggest problem in Bristol. Politicians can't think of a solution.

Bristol Post: "We asked you to tell us what should be the most important priority for Bristol's next mayor.

And you told us that traffic and congestion should be top of the list for the candidate that wins the job at the election on May 5.

We have now asked the candidates for their views on this issue and here are the responses we received from nine out of 13 of them."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dublin planning for large #carfree area "If approved, the measures would remove all east-west traffic from College Green, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists and the flow of public transport.
This would also allow for the creation of a civic plaza in College Green, from Church Lane to Lower Grafton Street, which it is hoped would become a major tourism attraction.
Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe, who chairs the council's Strategic Policy Committee on transport, welcomed the plans for the city centre.
"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reclaim a civic space in the heart of Dublin city," he said.
"I think it is visionary, necessary and achievable."

Friday, April 8, 2016

Alastair Dalton: Free bus travel for over-60s is vital

The Scotsman: "FREE bus travel for over-60s is a life-changer worth keeping, writes Alastair Dalton

Providing free bus travel for the over-60s and disabled will cost Scottish taxpayers over £200 million this year, nearly one third more than when the scheme was launched a decade ago."
The author says there should be more study about the benefits of bus travel. He can look here: 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Scottish Socialist Party - Free Public Transport

Bicycle highways promote growth, extend life of #autosprawl

DW.COM: "Total cost for the 101 kilometers is estimated at around 184 million euros - that's about 1.8 million euros per kilometer.
Almost three-quarters of this (126.5 million euros) will be used to actually build the roads to the required standards. The rest will be distributed among taxes, planning costs, land purchase and illumination infrastructure."
Bike highways get bikes out of the way of cars  to allow more and faster auto traffic. They cost a lot of money and do nothing to reduce sprawl or growth. They actually make autosprawl worse.