Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Get Galway moving in 2020

Imagine if Ireland was able to implement a single policy that could reduce traffic, combat climate change, let people take up jobs they couldn’t before, make life in rural Ireland easier and reduce the cost of living all at once. And it only took a year or two to get it up and running. It may sound too good to be true but free public transport could do all this and we want to pilot it in Galway during 2020.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Après Dunkerque, Calais passe aussi aux bus gratuits

Les Calaisiens trouvent le carburant trop cher ? Entendu, l’agglo se donne un an pour leur faire préférer le bus.

100 000 habitants sans ticket. Les maires des dix communes de l’agglomération de Calais se sont réunis et ont voté à l’unanimité la gratuité des bus. Elle sera actée sur tout le réseau avant 2020. Aujourd’hui, l’abonnement mensuel coûte une quinzaine d’euros. Demain, on montera sans débourser un centime.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dublin Commuter Coalition wants #freepublictransport

Vidéo sur les transports publics gratuits en France

Isle of Man #freepublictransport campaign takes another step

A public meeting will take place tomorrow in Ramsey to discuss free public transport.
It's hosted by the Fare Free Campaign group, which held an introductory event in Douglas last month.
The group will discuss how free public transport has been proven to work in Estonia, France, Poland and other countries as a way of combatting climate change and poverty and what benefits it would bring to the Isle of Man.
The Ramsey event will take place Thursday 12th December at The Royal George from 8pm.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Free public transport [tested] in Hannover: City satisfied

In the region Hannover the free public transport was tested. (Icon)
Bus and train users in the Hannover network drove free of charge from Saturday at midnight until Sunday morning at 5 pm – a day of action that should encourage motorists to change trains. The responsible persons showed themselves satisfied in the evening: The free day was "relaxed according to all involved parties", said the city. Hanover's new mayor Belit Onay (Green) praised the cooperation between the police, fire brigade, traffic authority, security service and market authorities as well as the region and the transport association Greater Hannover (GVH), which would have kept the development under the leadership of the city throughout Saturday in view : "I am very pleased about the constructive and successful cooperation," said Onay.


Switzerland young communist organization calls for fare-free public transport

Jeunes PoP stated that “the climate emergency calls for a social and economic paradigm shift. Individual transport accounts for 29% of CO2 emissions in Switzerland and has been stable for around ten years. Free public transport contributes to a structural change in our transport model, by developing the economy of the commons and free services”.