Sunday, June 30, 2019

Scottish Socialist Party Campaign for fare-free public transport #freepublictransport

Scottish Socialist Party branches and members took to bus, ferry, train, tram and subway stations on Saturday 15th June, campaigning for Free Public Transport as part of a national day of action. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Free public transport would solve many problems

The Scottish Parliament has the power to take ScotRail, CalMac and all national and local bus companies into public ownership. We should use these powers to provide free public transport for all. This would radically reduce CO2 emissions and congestion, free people from rip-off fares and toxic pollution, end private profiteering in public services, alleviate pressure on the NHS (through reduced road accidents and increased air quality) and give people a sustainable and affordable travel option. 

German cities "testing" #freepublictransport

Citizens in Monheim will be able to ride buses without a ticket from April 2020, regional newspaper the Rheinische Post has reported. 
The radical plan is a bid to reduce air pollution by encouraging more people to ditch their cars and take public transport. 
The move comes after the German government last year said it was considering free public transport “to reduce the number of private cars”. 
Since then, five German cities – Bonn, Essen, Herrenberg, Mannheim and Reutlingen – have been earmarked to offer significantly cheaper transport tickets, with the government poised to subsidize the projects with €128 million to help cover the income shortfall.