Saturday, February 1, 2014

The campaign for free public transport in Poland

[Google Translate:] : "Since last year, the Free Trade Union "August 80 " and the Polish Labour Party - "August 80 " fight for free public transport . More and more cities in Poland and in the world decide on this kind of transport. It operates , among others, in Hasselt , Belgium , Aubagne , France , Templin , Germany, Tallinn, Estonia , Baltimore, USA and many , many other cities around the world . In total , in various forms , free public transport system operates in dozens of cities around the world ( ).

In Poland, for some time by public transport free of charge can move the driver in Nysa . The result is a decrease in traffic on the roads and increase the availability of parking in the center. Moreover, such communication proves to be more economical for the local government. Free transport also operates in Ząbki near Warsaw. It's free for all residents who are registered in the city . In Kielce buses to the city center are also free. Later this year, Zory want to introduce free public transport . The local president believes that such transport is much greener because drivers przesiadają to buses . It is also much more pro-social , because it does not exclude the poorest and families with many children , for which tickets are spending huge.

Is it really worth it? In Hasselt in Belgium, after the introduction of free public transport congestion disappeared . The air was cleaner . A city budget saved , even though the number of buses has increased five times! Today, free public transport moves back twelve times more passengers than on the eve of its introduction . One-fourth of a former car drivers . Saved , because there was no need to expand and build new parking lots and roads, as well as decreased expenditure on the maintenance of existing roads .

Already, the idea of free communication became interested councilors and residents of Warsaw , Gdansk , Koszalin , Krakow and Bydgoszcz. We are waiting for reports from other cities !

Free transport is more money in our pockets , because we do not have to buy more tickets . In times of crisis it helps household budgets, and the budgets of many cities that do not have to plan additional expenditure of road in the future. To ensure a ride around the city without traffic jams , it is just sensible and economical to introduce free public transport . Moreover, we will not be poisoned by exhaust fumes from thousands of cars that every now coming to the cities, choking them. Free public transport , a government friendly to locals . In search of work , on the way to work, school , hospital or university.

That's why since January 1, 2014 we together with local government , community organizations and individuals who care about the development of Polish introduce free public transport in all cities that want to take on this project in the future!

Free Trade Union "August 80 "
Polish Labour Party - "August 80 ""

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