Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Public Transport in Southern Spain

Public transport between Almonte and El Rocio Matalascañas will remain free until 2011
The Town Hall in Almonte (Huelva) has just renewed the agreement with the company which serves the three neighboring villages of the municipality having the Consistory card enjoy free transportation to the service in 2011 connects Almonte, El Rocío and Huelva, from 06.45 to 22.00 pm in winter time and every two hours.
This is a municipal initiative that dates back four years and has achieved "very favorable public response, indicated from the Consistory, adding that the budget amounts to 175,000 euros. ...[Mayor Francisco Bella] also stressed the "serious bid" for public transport in the local community as it ensures "the movement between the three towns, reduces the environmental impact by lowering the use of private cars, it promotes economic trade and tourism and Above all, thousands of young people can move safely along a highway, the A-483, which gave serious problems in this area ".