Monday, September 2, 2013

Tallinn summer conference on #freetransit. Reports from Tallinn, Hasselt, Chengdu, Żory, and Ząbki

A visit to “Summer School – The Capital of Free Public Transport” in Tallinn | Free public transport: "Tallinn were represented by mayor Edgar Savisaar who told the audience that since they removed the fares in the public transport they have seen a 14 percent decrease in car traffic as well as a 15 percent increase in public transport users. One of the reasons that Tallinn implemented a fare-free system was that they already subsidized the public transport by 70 percent and felt that it was hard to motivate why such a hefty amount of public funding should be spent on an operation that was to expensive for some to use. Instead they reasoned that if the public transport is something that is worthy of such a large public funding, should not everybody also have the right to use it?"

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