Thursday, November 5, 2015

#COP21 in France will be more false promises, but we are not helpless

Leaders of world capitalism have been promising big things to address climate change for over 20 years. There has been no progress at all. There will be more big promises coming soon. The problem is, they want to fix capitalism with more capitalism. Do you really think a carbon tax will work? They will never agree on the terms, and there will be a massive bureaucracy of loopholes. And, don't forget, a carbon tax must be global to work.

The human race needs rapid de-growth now. Right now. There are some hopeful signs. Birth rates are dropping in many places. We need to speed that up.

If we make buses free and make cars unnecessary in towns and cities, people will urbanize. When people do that, they learn that having more children does not bring in more food. They will put more effort into education. Education means even faster drop of birth rate.

Free public transport will also reduce the demand for oil, which will reduce its political power, a power currently being used to defame and massacre Muslims.